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Roper & Son Limited

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Peeled Red Onions

The premium product produced by Roper & Son Limited is the 3Count, this utilises the best onions available to you, neatly packaged in a breathable and ergonomic sleeve with a recipe on the table to enjoy. Roper & Son Limited also supply loose red onions as well as a pack of 6 baby red onions great when they are roasted whole.

Pumpkin& Sqaush

Grown locally in Lincoln Canterbury Roper & Son grow different varieties of both squash and grey pumpkin available in super markets from May to December annually.

Our pumpkin are great served roasted, stewed, baked, braised, steamed or cooked and cooled down for salads.



We grow all of our produce to the New Zealand Good Agricultural Practice (GAP). This is a fully audited scheme to ensure we abide by the best practices and safe standards of food production. Visit the website for more details.


The Process

Producing fresh vegetables is a challenging task mastered by few and understood by even fewer


The Farm

The first part of the producing Farm to Fork is the farm